Ten Tips for Using WeSpeke Effectively!

Did you know? Ten Tips for Using WeSpeke


Here are some ways to make the most of your WeSpeke experience!


  1. Test your setup. This quick tech check will indicate any possible problems when using WeSpeke. Account Settings > Test your setup.


  1. Download the mobile app. Remember, you can connect with the world both on our free web and mobile apps!


  1. Check your Native and Target Languages. Are they accurate?   You can fix them in Account Settings > Profile > Edit > Languages. This is important information that we use to find your BEST language partner.


  1. Stop receiving email notifications. Go into Account Settings > Settings and turn of email notifications.


  1. Change your languages. Go into Account Settings > Profile > Edit > Languages.  You can change your languages any time.  


  1. Update your interests. Go into Account Settings > Profile > Edit > Interests. It’s always more fun to talk with someone who shared your interests!  The more interests you provide, the better we match you with a partner just like you.


  1. Check out your global map. Go to your Profile page and see all your friends and their countries. Pretty cool!  


  1. Use the Filters on the Community page. Looking for a specific partner? Use the Filters on the left side of the Community page to find just who you are looking for.  Then “Say Hello”!


  1. Stay in touch with your partners. Look through your Friends and My Chats lists.  Send a message from someone you haven’t been in touch with lately.


  1. Try out all the WeSpeke communication tools.  Remember you can chat with a partner using text, audio & video.  





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    Ken Frederick

    I tried to reset my password numerous times and kept getting a message, make sure your pass word matches. I can't be wrong after a dozen attempts So why do I keep getting that message and also denied

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