Where's my verification email?

When you join WeSpeke using your email address, you will receive an email from no-reply@wespeke.com asking you to verify your email address. You cannot complete your registration without doing so.

This email should arrive in your inbox very quickly after registration. If it does not, check the following:

  • Did the email get caught in your spam filter? Add no-reply@wespeke.com to your accepted emails list.
  • If you are on a school- or business-run email server, did it get caught in the school's spam filters, before it got to you? If this is a possibility, speak to an IT officer and ask them to add no-reply@wespeke.com to the email white list.
  • Do you just need the email to be resent? Sometimes that's all it takes. Go to app.wespeke.com/verify-email and click on "No confirmation email?" to enter your email address and have it resent.
  • Did the system tell you it doesn't recognize your email address when you tried to have the verification email resent? It's possible you input your email address incorrectly the first time you registered. Try registering again and be careful of typos.
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