Friends on WeSpeke

It's easy to add friends on WeSpeke—people you enjoy chatting with and want to be able to connect with quickly.

When you find a user you would like to friend, just click the user’s name on his or her profile card on the People page to access the user’s Profile Page. Here you can click the "Add a Friend" button.

The user will be notified by email and through WeSpeke that you want to be friends. When a user gets a friend request, it appears in the Friends drop down list at the top of the screen.

Once a friend request is accepted, the user shows up on your profile page under your list of friends. Clicking on a friend's user pic there will allow you to view your friend's profile page, send a message, or unfriend the user.

Any of your friends that are online will be visible in the Friends Online section of the right hand column of the page.


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    mahdi lilani

    Thats cool...but how do i find the names?

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