What do I need to use WeSpeke on a computer?

WeSpeke is a web app that runs in your browser. It will work on most modern computers, but there are a few requirements.

Operating Systems

Currently WeSpeke only supports Mac (v10.4 or above) and Windows (XP service pack 3 or above). We don't support iOS (iPads and iPhones) or Android (tablets and smartphones) yet—but we're working on it!


WeSpeke's video and audio chat software works on Chrome and Firefox on both PC and Mac. We support Internet Explorer 10+ on the PC and Safari on the Mac for text chat and messaging, but you will not be able to initiate or receive a video or audio chat from these browsers.

Screen Resolution

Your browser's screen resolution must be at least 1024 x 768. Please note that this is the browser's resolution, not the overall screen's. For more information on this, please see My computer's screen resolution failed or Making the most of your browser's resolution.

Required Hardware

To engage in video and audio chats, you must have a webcam and speakers with a microphone. We strongly suggest you use headphones with a mic when video and audio chatting, as this will significantly cut down on the noise that can occur due to echoes over speakers while chatting.


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