My computer’s screen resolution failed!

If you received the error “Your screen is not big enough to properly enjoy all of WeSpeke's features” while running Test Your Setup then the current size of your browser (less than 1024 x 768) will not allow all of the functionality of the video chat system to appear on the screen at one time.  Note that this test determined the size of your browser window, not the full resolution of your screen—the browser needs to allow for space above and below for menu bars, address bars, and other items that reduce the functional size of the window.

Here are some things to try to maximize the size of your browser window:

  1. Run your browser in full screen mode. You will find a command to “Enter Full Screen View” in the View menu of most browsers. This allows the browser screen to take advantage of almost the entire screen, making it more likely that you will be able to see everything you need to see in the video chat environment.
  2. Zoom out. Under View in most browsers, there are also commands to either “Zoom in” or “Zoom out.” Zooming out increases the relative resolution of your browser and even one zoom out may solve your problem. An easy way to test this is to go to Test My Setup and, while on the page that testing screen resolution, zoom out once. If the failure notice turns to a passing grade, you’re in business!
  3. Reduce or remove toolbars. Every browser handles menu bars and toolbars slightly differently. Play with removing the address bar or button bar of your browser and retest your system. You may find that just a small amount of space can make the difference between having a relaxing chat and spending your time scrolling down and up again looking for elements that are falling off the bottom of the page.
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