Test your setup

We urge every user to run Test Your Setup every time they use a different computer for the first time. Common problems with connecting to other users can be solved or identified in this section. Common concerns are:


WeSpeke's video and audio chat functions are only available on Chrome and Firefox on the Mac or the PC. We do support Internet Explorer on the PC and Safari on the Mac only, but they are only approved for text chat and messaging.

Screen resolution

Many smaller laptops and netbooks running at standard resolution do not provide enough screen space to view all of the components of the video chat system. Please see My computer’s screen resolution failed for information on possible steps you can take to address this problem.


Sometimes your internet connection is too slow to support video chat comfortably, creating lag times that make it difficult to carry on a conversation. Other times, your school or business may have a firewall installed that prevents WeSpeke from accessing the ports necessary to run properly. Please see Help! I can’t connect to my partner! for more information.


If you are on an approved browser (Chrome or Firefox on Mac or PC), Test Your Setup will walk you through a test of your video equipment, to make sure you can see and hear and be seen and heard. See Help! I can’t connect to my partner! for more information.

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