Chat basics

To connect with another user, go to the "Community" page (click on "Community" in the menu at the top of the window).


 Find a user you want to talk to. You can use the Filters to narrow the search. When you've found someone you want to connect with, simply click "Say Hello".

The Chat Interface


The Chat interface is the same for all types of chats, be it video, audio, or text only. Please note, however, that if one user is on an unsupported browser (Safari on Mac, Internet Explorer on PC, or the mobile WeSpeke app), the users will only see the text option.


Chat Controls: You can change the type of chat you want to engage in by toggling the audio and video buttons on and off. Every time video or audio is turned on, both users must agree to change the chat type, but a single user can remove audio or video unilaterally. Video chats cannot be chosen without audio also being turned on. Clicking on the red phone will end the chat immediately.


Full-Screen: The square at the lower right of your partner’s video will expand the video feed to full screen while still allowing all the basic functions of the chat system.

Reporting or “Flagging” your partner: Your safety and comfort level are very important to us here at WeSpeke. If at any time during the conversation you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, you can immediately shut down the chat, flag your partner in our system, and ensure that your partner cannot contact you again. If you report another user, we will investigate the allegations immediately and may be in touch for further information. Once reported, the user will no longer be able to see your online status or profile page, nor will he or she be able to message or chat with you.

Chat Sparks: Chat Sparks are topic tags based on shared interests between you and your partner. Click on the Chat Sparks button to see a topic you both like to keep your conversation going.

Language Tools: These buttons help you ask for help. Are you having trouble keeping up with your partner because of how fast he is talking? A click of a button will display a message for him to please slow down.

Dictionary: Find a word when you need it. The dictionary will translate for both users’ learning and spoken languages. If, as in the example above, you’re learning Portuguese and speak English, while your partner speaks Portuguese but is learning French, all three languages will be available for translation in the dictionary. Please Note: The dictionary is limited to languages for which we have translation libraries. That’s 80 of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, but if you or your partner happens to speak a language for which we have no translation library, it will not appear in the drop down menu for the dictionary.

Text Chat Area: Learning languages isn’t just about learning to speak, it’s also about learning to read and write. The text chat area gives you and your partner a place to text back and forth during your chat.

Tell Your Friends!

At the end of your chat, you’ll have a chance to let your Facebook or Twitter friends know about the great chat you just had on WeSpeke! Please, pass it on!

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    Zi Kara

    it always says ''no one matches your filter'' and it s been so more than a week on my account..what s wrong with wespeke?

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