Flagging inappropriate behavior

Your safety and comfort in using WeSpeke is of the highest priority to us.

We have two ways to deal with communication or photos that you find offensive or inappropriate.  

1. Block  Click on the yellow triangle and the button "Block".  With this action, the person you block cannot contact you or see you while you are on WeSpeke.  They will appear in the Account Setting under "Blocked Users".  You can unblock anyone by going to this list. 

2. Block and Report This action both blocks the user and then gives you a list of reasons for the block that you send to WeSpeke.  WeSpeke aggressively investigates all claims and will ban users who make others feel threatened or unsafe.  Be aware that when you report a user, you are recommending that this person's account be deleted.  

In either case, the other user will not be informed that you have reported his or her behavior. 

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